A few Prologists…

All different,

All experts.

All driven by the same values.

Cédric A.

Senior DevOps Architect | Partner

Cédric joined the tribe in 2006 as a JEE expert and quickly specialized in the industrialisation of technical and application platform deployment. Throughout his assignments, in which he particularly enjoys the teamwork, he discovered the power of metrology  to control QoS and finally found his way into DevOps.

José P.

Senior DevOps Architect | Partner

José joined the Geeks in 2008 as an expert in application deployment industrialization. As an admirer of technical prowess and teamwork, he is a past master at bringing tribes together around a shared goal. He can therefore calmly provide guidance and support for his clients in their new DevOps, Cloud or Big Data challenges.

Léon B.

Tech Lead | Senior Developer | DevOps

He completed his first projects as a FullStack developer. Now at Prologism, he is a Tech Lead or Senior Developer. His taste for Agility, his DevOps skills and his passion for Test allow him to design and develop tools to facilitate the daily work of operational teams.

Gabriel M.

CTO | Partner

After several years in multi-language software development, he integrated Prologism in 2011 to join our team of technical experts in charge of a critical Front2Back finance application. The client, very attached to Gabriel, then entrusted him with a pioneering role in the Big Data Core Team as part of its Digital Transformation.

Nicaise C.

Data Scientist Lead

It is in the context of his doctorate at INRIA on the probabilistic modeling of data cache performances that he explored Hadoop ecosystem technologies and Machine Learning algorithms for the first time. Today, he provides guidance and support to our customers in the implementation of Big Data infrastructures for data analysis and use.

David H.

Tech Lead | Scrum Master | Partner

David joined Prologism as a JEE expert in 2003, and is now mostly employed as a Tech Lead. As a certified Scrum Master and Cloudera Hadoop Developer, his ideal project combines Big Data technologies and Agility. As a follower of KISS, you will often hear him say, “A good solution is a simple solution”..

Nacer S.

Hadoop Ecosystem Developer

He burst onto the scene at Prologism as part of a Master 2 Big Data speciality course on one of our R&D projects aimed at offering a contribution to the OpenSource Hive community. His understanding of the Hadoop ecosystem, Spark and related development languages have made him an important player in Big Data “Full-scale” projects for our clients.

Manuel M.

C++ Expert

After having worked in several areas as a multi-languages software developer, Manuel joined our technical expert team in 2018. With a strong appetite for multi-threading, he is highly efficient for complex algorithms and operates for our customers on critical and real time applications. For any purpose he controls the life conditions of the iguana in urban environment…

Mathieu L.

Full Stack Developer | DevOps

With a master’s degree in computer systems security, Mathieu became passionate about developing critical applications by joining Prologism in 2015. Today, his dual skills allow him to contribute to different types of projects, as well in development, operational, security or industrialization. He likes to lead projects from start to finish and participate in each phase of the project like any self-respecting DevOps.

Also passionate about trips, he travels the globe at the slightest opportunity, especially for major international sport competitions!